The centrifugal compressor aftermarket company specializing in all energy efficient solutions for compressed air systems, foremost in centrifugal compressor controllers and integration software. E Care offers Controls, Emergency Service, Preventive Maintenance, Repairs & Overhauls, and Parts for air compressors. Our field technicians have over 20 years of experience and are highly trained. Contact us today for more information.



Preventive Maintenance Program

E Care will create a customized maintenance program to meet out customers’ individual needs to ensure great service at a reasonable price. Preventive maintenance prevents costly plant downtime and maxize compressor productivity and optimization.

Overhauls, Repairs and Routine Service

Our service professionals can offer complete compressor overhaul.

Emergency Service

E Care is on call 24 hours a day to assist our customers with any emergency service needs.


“ECC” E Care Controller

Easily adaptable to any centrifugal compressor. The ability to run closer to the surge line which results in reduced energy in throttled conditions and ease of use set us apart from the competition.


The E Care Rapid Changeout Controller (10RCC) is the next generation in controllers for multi-stage, centrifugal compressors for maximum energy savings.


Total System Integration (TSI) software, utilizing Wonderware® System Platform, provides the latest generation of compressor networking and control software designed specifically to optimize your total compressed air system, thus providing substantial energy savings. Additionally, the TSI software allows for complete system integration, capable of controlling and monitoring the complete compressed air system.


Application Listings

Dryers and Parts

Air Dryers

We sell and install a full line of desiccant air dryers including heatless, heat reactivated and blower purge units. In addition, we sell and install refrigerated dryers, cycling, non-cycling and variable speed. Brands sold include Airtek, Parker and Sahara dryers.


Bullgears, diffusers, intercoolers, valves, bearings, gaskets and gaskets kits, rotor assemblies, labyrinth and carbon ring, filter elements, IGV, synthetic and petroleum lubricants, filters, coolants, moisture seperators, heat exchangers, coolers, desiccant, and valve assemblies, drain all

Samsung Compressors – SM Series

Latest design and technology for centrifugal air compressors from 100 HP to 6000 HP standard line products. Single stage through four stage packages to meet the specific flow and pressure requirement.